COVID-19 Testing Programs for K-12 Schools

Helping Washington Schools Open and Operate Safely

Flexible COVID-19 testing programs to fit your school community’s needs.

  • NW Lab’s comprehensive COVID-19 testing program offers districts, schools and extracurricular programs flexibility and customization to meet their unique testing needs.
  • Sports and extracurricular activities
  • Fall program and in-service testing
  • Fall 2021 planning

Types of testing we offer

We offer the following testing solutions:

  • Batch Testing
  • Individual Testing
  • On-site Testing and Logistics Support
  • Expert Testing Strategy and Consultation

Batch Testing

Batch testing is a fast, easy and cost-effective testing method that combines individual nasal swabs from a group of students into one sample for testing. Batching samples together is an efficient way to screen large populations for a fraction of the cost of individual testing.

If a batch is negative, all individuals in that group are negative. If a batch is positive, individual testing is needed to identify positive individuals.

Individual testing

In addition to batch testing to screen school communities, NW Lab offers flexible individual testing. Opportunities for individual testing includes testing positive batches, and testing for individuals with symptoms or a known positive exposure.

What type of testing is right for your Schools?

NW Laboratory provides expert testing strategy consultation to build customized testing solutions that meet your community’s needs.

Pricing and Logistics

We make custom testing programs simple and straightforward:

Accessible Pricing:

  • Batch testing costs just $130 per tube of up to 30 swabs.
  • Individual testing can generally be completed at no cost to K-12 schools.

Rapid Results:

  • Return samples through same-day courier or free overnight shipping.
  • Results for both batch and individual tests are returned in under 24 hours from receipt in lab.

Materials and Support:

  • NW Lab provides all supplies for testing and transport, including a digital results portal.
  • Expert testing and ongoing strategy consultation.
  • On-site Testing and Logistics Support

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COVID-19 Test Requisition Form

Download the COVID-19 Test Requisition Form below:

Additional Resources

These resources below offer current and up-to-date information on COVID-19 testing:

Fact Sheets for COVID-19 Authorized Tests

FACT SHEET FOR PATIENTS: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. TaqPath™ COVID-19 Combo Kit and TaqPath™ COVID‑19 Combo Kit Advanced.


FACT SHEET FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. TaqPath™ COVID-19 Combo Kit and TaqPath™ COVID‑19 Combo Kit Advanced.


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